Launched at SalonQP 2014 the new Struthers Regency collection has been designed by antiquarian horologist and specialist of eighteenth-century European watchmaking, Rebecca Struthers; and built by watchmaker and vintage restorer Craig Struthers.

Drawing on three eras of watchmaking, this eighteenth-century inspired timepiece is realised within the Struthers’ trench case taken directly from the early wristwatches of the twentieth century.

Its solid silver dial has been hand engraved by master goldsmiths in the classic champlevé style, with the centre pierced to reveal flashes of blued steel in a style popular with European watchmakers working in the mid to late eighteenth-century.

Each watch is created using a fusion of centuries old jewellery and watchmaking techniques combined with the latest state-of-the-art technology. The lugs and buckle have been hand forged from 19 separate pieces, and the four piece case features both a jointed back and bezel. The heavily modified Omega 268 movement can be viewed through a sapphire crystal inspection plate in a hidden second back

Struthers Regency
Struthers Regency


Case – Double jointed four piece case in sterling silver; 18ct gold or platinum also available

Dial - Champlevé in sterling silver and blued steel, hand engraved and pierced in England

Movement – Modified vintage Omega calibre 30T2 hybrid with 18 jewels, manual-winding, decorated with hand engraving.

Strap – Launch model on blue shagreen “centurion” with sapphire studs; cuff and standard also available in a wide range of leathers

Lugs and Buckle - Hand forged from 19 separate pieces










For more information on the making of Regency, please see the photo gallery below.